Wendy Perrin's 2016 Wow ListI recently attended Wendy’ Perrin’s first Global Travel Summit in NYC. It was an amazing conference bringing together an elite group of travel specialists and regional experts from around the globe—each one deeply knowledgeable and capable of providing exceptional professional advice.

Here are some of the insights from the Conference:

Luxury travelers are frustrated:

  1. Too much information on the internet
    1. Popular destinations are overrun with crowds and lines
    2. Figuring out logistics and timing/pacing issues is time consuming
    3. Finding the right accommodations is not easy
  2. Luxury travelers are looking for extremely memorable trips
  3. They want to get out of the bubble in which they live to see what is really happening in the world
  4. They mix high and low—enjoying a four-star restaurant one night and eating street food the next
  5. Instead of a professional guide, travelers are looking for a host who can make them truly feel at home
  6. Italy is still one of the most requested destinations for 2016

The Conference insights were very reassuring for me. At Homebase Abroad, we take great pride in deeply knowing our destinations and our homes. This expertise translates into specialized vacations for our clients that remove the worry and stress. Our calls and conversations help us develop vacations that truly bring dreams to life in a deeply meaningful and original way. It’s not always easy but it is certainly very satisfying.

For many years, Wendy worked as the Director of Consumer News and Digital Community writing the highly-regarded “Perrin Report.” Today, she is bringing her vast experience to her uniquely helpful website, WendyPerrin.com where Wendy continues to help people have the best possible travel experiences.

I have always been honored by Wendy’s recognition of villa travel and villa travel specialists. My inclusion on her Wow List Wow List puts me alongside the world’s top destination specialists as well as a select few villa travel colleagues. I encourage you to visit  Wendy Perrin’s site and her Insider Guides  as she frequently updates her recommendations for destinations worldwide. She was the first travel editor to recognize villa travel as its own form of travel with its own distinct benefits and characteristics.

Thank you Wendy for helping blaze the way!Mara Solomon 2016 Wow List Trusted Travel Expert

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