Gardens of Villa Melzi on Lake ComoIf you missed the amazing display of camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons that blaze in the gardens of Lake Como during March and April (reason enough to come ahead of the crowds), come walk through a daydream of beauty in the Fall when you can enjoy the careful architecture of these dramatic spreads. The gardens are testimony to a gracious way of living.

Tranquil winding path along the shore of lake Como

In the Fall months, you have a chance to enjoy the company of Fiorella or Beatrice, our exceptional guides. Strolling the manicured beds at Villa Melzi and marveling at the hand-pruned cypresses at Villa Balbianello, you develop an appreciation for the exceptional landscape architecture and cultural role these outdoor rooms played in the creation of Lake Como as a romantic retreat from the world. These gardens were a taming of the wildness of the mountains that soar above and the unfathomable depths of the cooling Lake Como that spreads before them. It is a tapestry of beauty distinct in the world and an inspiration to gardeners from every hardiness zone.

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