10 Italian Villas to Make Your Summer Pool Party Dreams Come True

The key to the ultimate summer pool party is, of course, the pool or as we like to call it: “the liquid dining table” where gatherings are centered during the summer months. A pool is a hub of activity all summer long, and below are 8 of our favorite, breathtaking pools found at villas within the Homebase Abroad portfolio, all ideal for hosting your cinema-worthy summertime bash.

Ca di pesa pool in Tuscany

  1. Ca di Pesa. With room for up to 18 guests, Ca di Pesa is a dream Tuscan holiday retreat. A private estate in the heart of Chianti, the villa features breathtaking views over the owner’s award-winning vineyards and olive groves. The pool is situated atop one of the gently tumbling Tuscan hills, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape as you and your friends sip house-made red wine.Pool at Italian villa
  2. Casale Alto. Perched high above the Maremma coast, Casale Alto sits with positively distracting views of a breathtaking sweep of Tuscany, encompassing Feniglia’s beach and Orbetello’s lagoon. The villa has room for 14 guests and offers some of the most staggering vistas in the region, ideal for the ultimate summer poolside soiree as the sun sets over the Mediterranean. And, once the sun sets, the villa boasts a magnicificent sound system (the owner is a musician) that will have you and your guests dancing under the stars.La Scola pool in Italy
  3. La Scuola. Situated in a former schoolhouse (hence the name), La Scuola is an appealing vacation villa for those seeking a walk-to-town location and an updated, clean lined setting for a holiday in Tuscany. La Scuola is impeccably organized with everything you need for an easy getaway. The ample pool area has room for a considerable fête by candlelit lanterns, making for a magical afternoon into evening.Pool at Italian villa in Tuscany
  4. Villa Bianca. When you want a holiday by the sea in Italy, replete with a private skippered motorboat and a memorable pool, Villa Bianca is the place. This gracious estate sits above the stunning waters of Cala Grande, immersed in a sun-dappled shade, and serenaded by birds. Enjoy unblemished views of the Tyrrhenian Sea as you squint to see Corsica across the open water from your poolside chaise lounge.Amalfi Coast villa pool
  5. Villa Licosa. Villa Licosa is immersed in natural beauty along one of the last remaining unspoiled, uncrowded coastlines in Italy near Paestum and the Amalfi Coast – accessible yet under-the-radar. The oceanfront waters are stunningly clear and clean, and are easily accessed from the villa. The private pool has a bucolic vibe, set aside millennia-old ruins and the sea itself, and provides a scenic backdrop ideal for capturing a memorable poolside bash.Italian villa pool on Lake Como
  6. Villa la Cassinella.  If Lake Como is more your speed, Villa la Cassinella’s stories from the past come to embrace you in an oasis of beauty and tranquility, with five-star staff and the amenities and diversions of a private resort. Villa la Cassinella is one of the fabled properties of Lake Como, offering its unique and suggestive view of Lake Como’s Gold Coast. While the villa has room for up to 17 guests, the heated L-shaped pool features a vanishing edge and waterfall views of the lake within a custom-designed glass tile lining, along with some completely private areas ideal for an epic pool party.Italian villa pool
  7. Le Due Case. Le Due Case sits beyond a long and lushly green lawn with tall, shady trees fringing the edges. Along the south edge is a path leading past a round stone table, and down to the pool, set on a lower terrace. An undulating wall holds back the healthy broome, a vibrant yellow throughout the spring and early summer. The design of the pool, as with everything the owner/designer touches, is carefully and creatively considered. Rather than a solid stone border, she has left narrow gaps between travertine tiles, which bring the water just to the edge of the terrace. A deft touch. Along the length of the pool you can enjoy the stunning view of Orvieto between the soft green of two hillsides, like a jeweled ring set into a velvet box.Villa di Torno pool on Lake Como
  8. Villa di Torno. This splendid Neoclassical villa enjoys a very spacious lake-front terrace, a broad stone-paved piazza of sorts with the Villa as a backdrop, is where you will no doubt find yourselves morning, noon and night, enjoying views of Cernobbio and Villa d’Este and color-drenched sunsets. Between the beautifully furnished outdoor living and dining spaces is the most modern and miraculous of swimming pools. With controls no more complicated than an elevator button, a stone-paved rectangle descends into water magically revealing a pool. The exceptional subtlety of the technology allows for a wading pool of no more than a matter of inches, or a proper heated pool for swimming. There is no more child-friendly pool we know of.With the last weeks of summer now in full swing and August temperatures soaring, it’s the perfect time to make the most of these warm weather moments with the pool party soiree of a lifetime.

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