Exterior_SeenFromGrand210x315There is nothing more fabulous than to be able to wander at will for hours, by turns enchanted, challenged and surprised by the other worldly and intense reality that is Venice.

Venice in March or April is a city you can explore on foot, unencumbered by oppressive heat or crowds, dining amid a swirl of fast-talking Venetians with long crisp white aprons and the confident attitude that comes easily when you serve up steaming plates of pasta and seafood — good and fresh and local.

What makes Venice an ideal destination for a spring break is you simply ease into your surroundings.  At Homebase Abroad, we work with our clients structuring a personalized agenda based out of the Palazzo Alvera Altana that lets the kids sleep in a little while you enjoy long un-hurried cups of cappuccino as you gaze out over the Grand Canal, or snuggle into a velvet couch with a novel.
prepares espresso
DSC_4223There is no need for a school-like schedule; your kids will soak up mind-bending, life-expanding experiences by wandering, observing, responding and relaxing. We will make sure it is a rich immersion for you all, without any stress. Isn’t this what it means to take a Break?DSC_4627

For the practical you– with family it is part practicality and part pleasure. Flights are more affordable and accommodations are more available.  The relaxation is deep if you let your senses guide you…






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