I truly appreciate the updates from our local concierge. This one happened recently at a local café between Claudia Collazzo, Homebase Abroad’s ebullient concierge for Tuscany, and Mara, the local cook at Tramonti.

Claudia and Mara enjoyed a coffee as they discuss the experience of welcoming Homebase Abroad guests to Tramonti—a fashionably updated Tuscan farmhouse in the heart of wine country. They both agreed they enjoyed exposing the guests to their native culture as well as forming new friendships. If you are fortunate enough to be a guest at Tramonti, you will be immediately greeted by Mara and her piping hot slices of olive oil-rosemary or tomato-topped focaccia along with an accompanying glass of chilled prosecco. This is where the villa vacation experience begins.

Throughout the stay, the kitchen transforms to a theatre space where guests take a place at the high counter stools and are quickly enthralled by Mara’s mastery of homemade pasta. Flourishes of white flour are sent across the counter as Mara manipulates the pasta through an old-fashioned pasta machine, all the while welcoming questions and offering cooking tips about the same dishes she has been serving to her Tuscan family for many years. They both agreed pizza nights are a highlight of each vacation – pushing out the dough, choosing your toppings and waiting – patiently or otherwise – for the forno to do the rest.

What resonates with every guest is the meeting point of food and hospitality. No matter your native tongue, a welcoming warm slice of focaccia, a shared moment enjoying familial dishes and the pleasure of new tastes is what transforms a villa stay into the best vacation of your life. Buono Apetito!!

Mara’s Focaccia:

1 kg of white flour

500 gr of water

12 gr of yeast

20gr salt

1\2 glass of EVOO.

Knead all the ingredients, leave in a clean dishcloth for 2 hours, roll out the dough and top with the oil and tomato or rosemary or olives. Cook in the oven on a metal tray at 200°C for 20 minutes.



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