Dolomites viewGetting close to the land is part and parcel of any introduction to the distinctive country ways of these mountains. At Homebase Abroad’s Villa San Lorenzo, this experience is magnified by the hospitality of your hosts– Stefano and Georgia. With them, you are offered an immersion into the peace, beauty and nature of the Dolomites. Your daily activities are similarly centered on the land.

Each day can have a different distinctive focus. One day you can learn the traditional art of chopping wood. From selecting, cutting and preparing bundles in the forest, you will learning the traditional manner and try your hand at the specific techniques with the traditional south tyrolian tools for preparing firewood.

Harvesting porciniFrom there, you can choose to go on a quest for the myth-steeped porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, learning how to see, smell and uncover these tasty morsels. Georgia will help you turn them into lunch back at the house.

South Tyrol aperitivoFly off – by helicopter literally – to some of South Tyrol’s best wineries. Stefano will be there to guide you, introducing you to the winemakers and expanding your understanding of the terroir. Full days of fresh air and engaging conversation ensure a good night’s sleep for all.

Homebase Abroad Villa: Villa San Lorenzo

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