Homebase Abroad's Villa TramontiEat a feast of fall flavors this season in Italian gardens – round-hipped and deeply flavored zucca, mushrooms of a staggering variety sprouting according to weather, uve di fragile, sweet small grapes that hang like pendants hanging on pergola’s overhead, root vegetables of all kinds but especially fennel which plays a great role on an Italian table, and yes, kale.

Your chef on this Feast of Fall Flavors is our friend Jeff, American born, Paris trained and at home in Italy for more than 30 years. With an encyclopedic knowledge of cuisine spanning continents and a charming, relaxed demeanor, Jeffrey will inspire you with his affection for good food, well prepared. He is committed to superb quality in all his ingredients and for Fall you will enjoy an entirely seasonal feast you helped fashion with your own two hands.

Reason7_1We promise a memorable experience for all. Try his Cavolo Nero Crostini—you won’t think the same about Kale.

Homebase Abroad Villas: Tramonti, Villa di Renai.

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