MalamoccoThere remain only three working ‘bragozzi’– one of the many types of boats that once plied the waters of Venice. With Homebase Abroad, you will have a chance to get out for a gracious, relaxing day cruise across Venice’s lagoon to understand the unique environmental and culinary traditions of this great City.

You will stop at the island of San Erasmo, a large agricultural island in the lagoon known for the best local produce. There you will visit its well known vegetable gardens where the famous venetian artichokes ‘carciofi’ are harvested.

Carciofi alla giudiaSetting anchor for lunch near the quiet island of Poveglia, you will be invited to lend a hand in the galley as you learn how to prepare savory dishes inspired by the season and whim of the skipper. The day continues at Malamocco, a little village built on an island that contains a ‘borgo’ or typical Italian square. There you will discover the last important work the Venetians created to defend the Lagoon and the city from the sea. The “murazzi” are huge gates being constructed under the water to divide the lagoon from the sea and protect the island when the high seas threaten. You will be savoring a beautiful day as you arrive back at your Palazzo at sunset with a prosecco in hand.

Reason5_3-1Homebase Abroad Villas: Palazzo Alvera, Palazzo di Castello

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