Homebase Abroad's chianti vistaTake Brunello, undisputedly one of the most important wines of the world, and add an infectious passion for winemaking. These were the two ingredients inspiring Roberto to take over a wine estate in Montalcino and turn a good wine into a great one. He brought dedication and ambition, added the technical assistance of an oenologist and brought his wine to the top of a competitive list.

Grape Harvest in TuscanyHere is your chance to meet this young winemaker and his oenologist who will welcome you as guests for a visit to the winery, sharing their knowledge and their experience as winemakers. This winery leaves little room for fancy decorations and is concentrated mainly on the genuine beauty of barrels, stone walls and the clinking of glasses. A visit to the nearby hamlet built around a small church and surrounded by woods and vineyards, will make an impression equal to the people and the wine.

Homebase Abroad's wine tourThere we will arrange for you to enjoy a lunch with the winemaker and oenologist who will fascinate with their stories and knowledge. For the afternoon, it is back to your villa for a swim or relaxing nap al fresco.

Homebase Abroad Villas: Le Ripe, Podere Lucia

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