Our great friend, Jim, at Spirited Wines is representing Ca di Pesa wines in the United States. Located in Chianti Classico region of Tuscany in Italy, these wines are carefully produced by the on-site vintner, Diego. Diego uses only new barrels to age the wines which gives him better control over the flavors.

Lower in tannins and oak, all three varietals have a fruity taste.

  1. The Chianti Classico Reserve is made from 100% sangiovese grapes and has an intense ruby red color and soft, long finish.
  2. The Chianti Classico has been declared the best Chianti produced by the estate.
  3. And, the rosato is also made entirely from sangiovese grapes giving it an elegant, dry provencal-style depth of flavor. Elyse, our travel associate, enjoys all three but prefers the rosato— a year-round, full-bodied rose that can stand up to any winter dish.

These wines have a very limited distribution of less than 20,000 bottles per year. Spirited Wines can take your order by phone (413-448-227) or via email (

Whether you are traveling with us next summer or simply longing for a delicious Tuscan wine, they should be ordered quickly. Cin Cin!


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