Tuscan cuisine at Homebase Abroad's luxury italian villaWhen it comes to Ca di Pesa, it is pretty much ‘all about Anna.’ Yes the villa’s wine is superb, the beautifully redone bedroom suites are much appreciated, and the kids love the fun movie nights and the bocce tournaments. But really, our conversations with returning guests generally center around Anna, Ca di Pesa’s talented cook.

We have had the very distinct pleasure and honor to represent this fine private home since 1995. While the owners have lavished attention on their house over the past 25 years– improving, refining and enhancing their home for their own use as well as their guests’ pleasure – Anna has been a cornerstone of the experience from the beginning. Her broad, warm smile when first greeting guests and her cooking skills throughout each stay create the memories that last. Pizza nights here, candlelit cantina nights there, broad celebratory lunches on the shade-dappled terrace in between, Anna oversees it all.

The relationship between Anna and Ca di Pesa dates back more than 30 years. The then-new owners were looking for a local cook and happened to ask Giovanni, a driver who was helping them settle into their newly-purchased home in Tuscany.  And Giovanni did not hesitate – he knew just the right person was in his own home, his wife Anna, who had been working in the kitchens and restaurants of nearby Panzano most of her life.dinner al fresco in TuscanyIntimidated at first by a new family and getting to know their large countryside estate, Anna immediately earned the trust and confidence of the owners and became the heart of the house. The simplest pasta with tomato sauce – the Italian test of a true cook – is somehow more than a simple dish when Anna prepares it. Her tradition is true Tuscan, working with fresh local ingredients – including as much from Ca di Pesa’s garden as possible and not stinting on good Ca di Pesa olive oil in the process. The recipes are not written, they are in her head and her hands, passed down through generations and drawing from the goodness of the land.evening meal in TuscanyThis passion for nourishment from the kitchen is being gradually taken up by others in the family. Anna’s eldest son, Nicola, is himself an enthusiastic cook and opened the pizzeria in Panzano. Her second son Alessandro, is a winemaker at Ca di Pesa’s vineyards. And now Anna herself has eyes for her adorable grandchild Dario, soon to be seven and already helping in the kitchen.

As we embark on our 25th season, as Italian Villa Travel specialists, we would believe turning our appreciation to Anna is the best place to start. It is the moments she creates for our guests that make the experience of Ca di Pesa delicious and memorable.

Thank you Anna.

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