The Art of Italian Villa Travel

SINCE 1995

Inspired by a personal love of travel shared between cofounders Mara Solomon and Maryellen Auger, Homebase Abroad is a company of villa travel specialists, working exclusively in Italy. Founded in 1995 as a trusted resource in the pre-Internet age for finding reputable Italian vacation villas, Homebase Abroad has evolved over the last 20 years.

Today we are a leader in the industry offering highly personalized travel services and a deep knowledge of Italy cultivated by in-depth research and an extensive network of personal relationships with villa owners.

Supported by a core team of Associates in the United States and a dedicated group of Concierge in Italy, Mara and her staff are constantly evolving and improving, pushing the standards for the industry as they strive to provide the best possible guidance and assistance to their guests.

We are a company of vacation villa specialists, exclusively representing Italy 100% of our time. It is our passion and what we love to do. We will approach planning for your holiday with your full experience in mind.

Authentic & Unforgettable


At Homebase Abroad, we define villa travel as more than just picking a house. Villa travel helps you experience a destination deeply and personally. Be it an Italian villa, private estate, restored farmhouse or in-town palazzo, each Portfolio property has been selected specifically to provide the perfect backdrop for your vacation desires and individual interests.

We are a company of vacation villa specialists, exclusively representing Italy 100% of our time. It is our passion and what we love to do. We travel often in Italy—constantly seeking out, testing and refining. With headquarters in the United States and colleagues on the ground throughout Italy, we draw on our considerable resources to offer you an edited selection of properties and itinerary opportunities. Our service is infinitely personalized.

We want to collaborate closely with you, matching your dynamics, interest and energies with one of our Portfolio properties and a thoughtfully constructed Travel Itinerary. We believe in fully preparing you for your villa experience. Our team marries its deep knowledge of Italy with a sense of genuine hospitality to guide you through every step of the vacation planning process—from selecting the right home, destination and time of year to deciding what to pack. We will approach planning for your holiday with your full experience in mind.

Our objective is for you and your guests to return home feeling you have had the best vacation of your lives.

Experienced & Knowledgable


Preparation is the soul of a Homebase Abroad travel experience. We believe in friendly, frequent phone calls; careful, attentive listening and generous sharing of our hands-on experience.

Your travel experience is guided by our Director, Mara Solomon, who has a hand in every trip as well as our team of experienced staff in the United States and local Concierge throughout Italy. Our personal relationships with villa owners, guides, drivers and chefs are put to use for you. We bring you into our trusted circle of resources recommending the people and places we know intimately in Italy so you can be sure of the quality and reliability of all your arrangements.

Homebase Abroad’s full-service approach has landed it six times on Travel + Leisure’s annual list of “Best Villa Rental Agencies.”


There is no “should” when you travel with us. A memorable villa vacation lies at the nexus of a perfect villa and the ideal day.

We believe how you spend time on holiday is as important as what house you choose so we include comprehensive Travel Planning assistance in the rental fee for your chosen property in most cases. Once your chosen property is secured, we work closely with you to build a Travel Itinerary reflecting your preferred combination of relaxation, exploration and discovery.

The process is iterative as we work through your “must dos” to the important details of menus and bedroom selections. It is for you to decide how much advance planning you want to do and how many opportunities you want to create for the transcendent and unexpected. It is the unexpected that makes travel so worthwhile. We will, of course, advise you when preplanning is required and when it is not.

As your Travel Itinerary takes shape, our Italian Homebase Abroad Concierge becomes part of your planning team. This is the person who meets you upon arrival at the house, introduces the staff and the property and is your first point of contact for any and all questions about the house, the staff and surrounding areas. They are familiar with your Travel Itinerary as well as your unique requests and preferences. And they are there to assist you, working as an extension of our team in the United States.


We want you to regard us as advisors with a deep knowledge of Italy. We help you find the ideal location: one that inspires, engages and even thrills you and your guests.

The 2018 Homebase Abroad Portfolio includes fifty-five curated villas ranging from 4 to 20 bedrooms. All are hand-selected according to standards for location, property quality, amenities and on-site staff.

More properties are refused than accepted. Located in Tuscany, Umbria, the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, the Dolomites, as well as Florence, Venice and Rome, the Portfolio is refined and updated each year to introduce more locations, styles and vacation opportunities for the benefit of our guests.

Our team works with you directly—taking the guesswork out of what to expect in Italy and getting to know the unique, dynamic interests and style of your family or group.

We listen rather than dictate, so you can be sure you are being offered the best possible house for your specific requirements. And we have the skill to help you discover what you desire even when you might not know.


Mara Solomon


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As Director of Homebase Abroad, Mara Solomon has spent the last 20 years immersed in the art of Italian villa travel. With first-hand recommendations, Mara has dedicated herself to really understanding the country, its people and every villa in the Homebase Abroad Villa Portfolio.

In the 18 years since Mara took over the running of Homebase Abroad, she has logged thousands of experiences, impressions and insights. This is the storehouse she draws from when working with guests. Just as Mara built her extensive network of personal relationships with villa owners and their staffs, she has also cultivated relationships with professional farmers, specialty food producers, private chefs, other colleagues, guides and licensed drivers throughout Italy.

Having access to this carefully selected group of professionals is what distinguishes your travel with Homebase Abroad. Mara continually refines her understanding of what her well-travelled clientele is looking for in a Portfolio property and villa travel experience.

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